Marinated Green Beans with Almond Vinaigrette


Green almonds are a seasonal spring item, picked months before their shells harden and split to reveal conventional almonds. These fuzzy green pods are entirely edible with soft, jelly-like texture and mild grassy, sweet-tart flavor. During their all-too-brief season, we're eating them right out of hand, shaving them over appetizers, or slicing them thin to toss over salads as we have here in this bright spring recipe.


Marinated Green Beans with Almond Vinaigrette



¼ lb Green Beans / cut into ½” pieces

¼ lb Wax Beans / cut into ½” pieces

6 ea Fresh Green Almonds / thinly sliced

2 T Extra Virgin Olive Oil

3 T Domaine de Provence® Pure Almond Oil

2 cloves Fresh Garlic / minced

3 ea Scallions / chopped

2 T Jansal Valley® Lemon Honey

2 T Domaine de Provence® Tarragon Vinegar

2 t Jansal Valley® Espelette Pepper Powder

Flake Salt / to taste



Combine all ingredients in a mixing bowl, ensuring even coating of vegetables. Serve at room temperature & enjoy!

No-Bake Chocolate, Quinoa & Fig Bars


Indulge yourself, and your guests, with a seemingly decadent and deceptively healthful treat. These fig bars contain antioxidant-rich dark chocolate, Omega-3 packed flax seed, high protein quinoa & chia seeds, and—of course—figs. Wrap in parchment paper, tied off with a ribbon for a party favor or hostess gift this party-packed holiday season.


No-Bake Chocolate, Quinoa & Fig Bars





Combine all ingredients in a mixing bowl.

Grease and line a baking dish or sheet pan.  Press the granola mixture into the sheet pan.  Press the reserved slices of fig into the top of the granola mixture.

Cover the bars with plastic wrap, then allow them to chill for at least two hours in the refrigerator.

To serve, cut the bars into 2-3 inch pieces.  Serve at room temperature or chilled.

Store in your refrigerator for up to 10 days.

Nantucket Mulled Wine


If your holiday party wouldn't be complete without a spicy, cidery, spiked beverage, this is the recipe to make this year's event one to remember for years to come. We are using fresh, local Nantucket cranberries. These have a punch of heirloom flavor unparalleled by conventional varieties. Cheers!


Nantucket Mulled Wine



1 btl Red Wine / full bodied / such as Syrah

1 C Jansal Valley® Pure Raw Honey

1 C Jansal Valley® Nantucket Fresh Cranberries

4 Jansal Valley® 4" Cinnamon Sticks

4 pc Jansal Valley® Star Anise

1 t Jansal Valley® Whole Cloves



In a sauce pan over gentle heat, stir together all of the listed ingredients. be sure to dissolve the honey. heat the mulled wine until just below a simmer, then ladle into heat-proof glasses, mugs, or mason jars. Garnish with mulled cranberries & a cinnamon stick.