Autumn Shrub

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Vinegar-based cocktails have a long history in cuisines throughout the world, but the shrub truly came into its own in America throughout the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. At that time, they were drunk not only in the cities and taverns, but loved by workers in the fields.

We've taken the fall harvest as our inspiration for the Autumn Shrub, made using Domaine de Provence® Apple Cider Vinegar as its base. This exceptional vinegar is handmade in the Champagne region of France using primarily local ingredients. Each batch is twice fermented, filtered, and aged in small oak barrels for crisp, clean flavors.


Autumn Shrub



¼ C Domaine de Provence® Apple Cider Vinegar

¼ C Simple Syrup

¼ C Apple Cider

4 oz Gin or Vodka

8 pcs Jansal Valley® All Natural Dried Sliced Lemons

Ice / as needed



In a mixing glass, stir the vinegar, simple syrup, cider, and spirit together. Place two lemon slices in the bottom of each glass, then fill each glass ¾ with ice. Divide the mixture between the four glasses, stir with the ice, and serve.

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