Boozy Iced Green Tea with Lemon Verbena

Boozy Iced Green Tea with Lemon Verbena.JPEG

One of the most pungent herbs we grow at the Wainer Family Farm is lemon verbena. This woody shrub produces leaves rich in essential oil, which are strongest when the plant is flowering. When bruised, they release a robust lemony fragrance and sweet, fruity flavor that is the most potent of all lemon-scented herbs.

Here we've paired lemon verbena's exquisite qualities in a refreshing cocktail with green tea for the perfect pick-me-up after a long week. Cheers!


Boozy Iced Green Tea with Lemon Verbena



4 bags Green Tea

3 C Boiling Water

¼ C Granulated Sugar

6-8 Lemon Verbena leaves / torn

1 C Gin or Vodka

Ice / as needed

Sprigs of Lemon Verbena / as garnish



In a heat-safe container, combine the tea bags, sugar, lemon verbena, and boiling water. Stir, just until the sugar has dissolved, and set aside to cool completely. Remove the tea bags after five minutes.  Once cool, transfer to a pitcher filled with ice, and stir in the gin or vodka. To serve, fill glasses with ice, and top with a slice of lemon. Pour the green tea over the lemon and ice, and garnish with a sprig of lemon verbena.

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