Strawberry Compote

Jansal Valley Strawberry Compote

Compotes are very similar to jams and marmalade but the cooked fruit tends to be left whole -- they can also be served both warm and chilled. Adding dried fruit is this recipes secret ingredient and it will change the way you make jams, marmalade and compotes in the future. While the fresh fruit cooks down, the dried fruit plumps up - giving a rustic finish, extra depth of flavor and added sweetness! 

Strawberry Compote


1 Pint Strawberries / stemmed and diced

1 C Jansal Valley Dried Strawberries / roughly chopped

1 C Granulated Sugar

2 tsp Lemon Juice

Optional: ½ Vanilla Bean / scraped for the seeds



Place a small plate in the freezer and save for later (see tips below!).

Combine all ingredients in a small, heavy sauce pan.

Cover with plastic wrap and let the mixture rest at room temperature for one hour (no longer, or you will have too much liquid). 

Place the pan over high heat and bring the mixture to a rapid boil, stirring regularly so that nothing sticks on the bottom and the mixture cooks evenly.Cook for 12–15 minutes, or until done (see tip!).

Once done, allow to cool, transfer to glass jars, and store in the refrigerator for up to two weeks.



 ...for testing doneness

Put a spoonful of compote on the cold plate. If when you tip the plate, the compote runs very slowly—it’s done!

Run a spoon slowly through the
mixture in the pan, if the compote doesn’t immediately rush in to fill the space—it’s done!

...for getting the most our of your vanilla bean

Vanilla beans are expensive so make sure to get the most out of them! We like to make infused sugars and here's how: infuse 1 cup of sugar with your leftover vanilla bean pod. Let it sit in a cool dry place for one week and you will then have vanilla flavored sugar!

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Chicken Sausage with Handpicked Sweet Basil Flatbread


We can't get enough of these quick and easy flatbreads. This time we're drizzling them with olive oil infused with twice roasted garlic for a slightly sweeter garlic flavor and incredible aroma.


Chicken Sausage with Handpicked Sweet Basil Flatbread



½ C Jansal Valley® Double Roasted Garlic Oil

2 Prepared Flatbreads

1 pkg Jansal Valley® Chicken Sausage with Handpicked Sweet Basil / diced

1 jar Jansal Valley® Roasted Red Tomatoes / drained

1 pkg Jansal Valley® Old World Burrata

Fresh Basil / chiffonade / as garnish

Crushed Red Pepper Flakes / as garnish



Preheat oven to 450° F.

Drizzle Flatbreads with garlic oil. Evenly distribute the tomatoes and sausage between the two flatbreads. Place in oven for about 8 minutes, then remove and sprinkle with torn burrata. Return to oven for an additional 2-3 minutes, just to melt and lightly brown the cheese.

Garnish with fresh basil and crushed red pepper. Slice and enjoy!

Spring Brunch with The Coastal Table


"When we think of spring, we automatically think of brunch! It’s one of our favorite meals for entertaining and in anticipation of the bounty of produce coming, we’ve created a special menu in partnership with Sid Wainer & Son, our favorite local specialty store, for sharing around the table with friends." - The Coastal Table

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