Caviar for the Holidays

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The holiday season is our biggest time of year for Caviar, with orders coming in from all over the world up to three times per week. That should come as no surprise as it is not only a gourmet addition to holiday parties, but it is also an excellent gourmet gift for foodies, hostesses, and those people on your list who already seem to have just about everything.

With a wide array of options and accouterments, we have the perfect choice for every occasion.

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Premium Ocetra Caviar

The crème de la crème

This Premium Caviar comes from farm-raised Russian Sturgeon (Acipenser Gueldenstaedtii). The pristine, cold conditions produce a smooth, buttery flavor, delicate texture, and large pearl size attributed to only the highest quality caviar.

#203640 1 oz


Baerii Sturgeon Caviar

similar flavor to Sevruga Caviar

Farm-raised int he ice cold spring waters, this imported caviar comes from 100% pure Siberian Sturgeon (Acipenser Baerii). It has light to dark grey colored glossy pearls that are creamy and smooth in texture, with buttery taste and succulent, perfectly moist mouth feel.

#203630 1 oz


Sustainable Sturgeon Caviar

the perfect next step for fans of our American Sturgeon Caviar

As a sustainable alternative to the Wild American Sturgeon, our Sustainable Sturgeon is farmed and offers beautiful small to medium sized pearls, creamy and extremely fresh. This true Malossol caviar is produced using genuine Caspian Method processing.

#113450 1 oz

Malossol, Russian for "little salt," was a term reserved for only the highest grade caviar. Today, however, it refers specifically to the caviar's salt content being under 5%, which is still a quality associated with high quality and optimal flavor.

White Sturgeon Caviar

This is the highest quality farm raised caviar from pure bread White Sturgeon (Acipenser Transmontanus). The sturgeons are raised 5 to 7 years before their roe is harvested. The medium sized pearls have excellent mouth feel with a slightly nutty flavor.

#113510 1 oz


Golden Whitefish Caviar

Pre-Order item

North American wild Whitefish produce a small, bright gold row. The flavor is mild, which makes this ideal for everyday garnishes as well as adding a pop of color to a variety of presentations.

#113770 2 oz

#113860 7 oz


Salmon Roe Caviar

This amazing roe comes from wild Alaskan Salmon, Grade "A", Chum. Its large sized pearls are vibrant orange in color and burst with flavor. This caviar is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids and is revered for the oil found naturally in roe.

#113780 2 oz

#113840 4 oz

#113810 7 oz


Spicy Ghost Pepper Caviar

Pre-Order item

This wild caught caviar has a naturally smooth, clean, creamy flavor, which is kicked up a notch by the addition of incredibly spicy ghost peppers. This new, fun combination is especially excellent as a garnish for oysters, or even Bloody Marys.

#322620 1 oz


French Trout Caviar

Also available smoked over sustainable Oak for pre-order

This premium caviar is harvested from farm-raised rainbow trout. The result is a large, bright orange pearl with a satisfying pop. The mild, smooth flavor is excellent as a versatile garnish or on its own.

#113590 2 oz


American Sturgeon Caviar

the perfect entry-level caviar

This wild, eco-sustainable Spoonbill caviar is native to the Southern United States. Its small to medium pearls are desired for the grey color and gentle flavor. This American caviar is perfect to showcase on its own or to use as a garnish.

#113760 1 oz

#113880 7 oz

A mother of pearl caviar spoon is essential to traditional caviar service. Unlike stainless steel, aluminum, or silver, it will not impart flavor or cause discoloration to the gentle caviar. Use one spoon per type of caviar for the best tasting experience.

Recommended Accouterments 

Na Zdorovia® Mother of Pearl Caviar Spoon

L'essence du Fromage® crème fraîche

Sour Cream


Domaine de Provence® Olive Oil & Sea Salt Crackers


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