Espellette Pepper Deviled Eggs

Espelette Pepper Deviled Eggs

The Deviled Egg is a classic finger food that's friendly, versatile and nostalgic. You're often reminiscing about a family recipe with just one bite. Whether you prefer a simple preparation or something a bit more inspired, there's little surprise as to why they have a cult following. 

For our version, we added Espellette Pepper Powder for a slight smoke that plays off the creamy center. The micro radish greens finish it off with a tender crunch. 


Espellete Pepper Deviled Eggs


8 Eggs

½ C Crème Fraîche

4 T Jansal Valley® Espelette Pepper Powder / divided

Salt & Pepper / to taste

½ C Micro Radish Greens



Hard boil eggs. Cut in half and reserve yolks in separate bowl.

In separate bowl with egg yolks, add crème fraîche and 2 T espelette pepper. Season with salt & pepper to taste and mix thoroughly.

Fill each hardboiled egg white with seasoned yolk mixture.

Sprinkle with remaining espelette pepper, garnish with micro radish greens, and enjoy!