Eggs Benedict with Spring Garlic Hollandaise Sauce


This American brunch classic is re-imaged with a spring-inspired spin on traditional hollandaise sauce. The fool-proof technique promises flawless results every time--even on sleepy weekend mornings.


Eggs Benedict
with Spring Garlic Hollandaise Sauce



2 large eggs / poached

1 English Muffin / split / buttered / grilled

2 slices Porchetta Toscana

½ C Baby Watercress

Spring Garlic Hollandaise / to taste

For Spring Garlic Hollandaise:

3 Egg Yolks

1½ T Lemon Juice

½ C Clarified Butter

2 sprigs Spring Garlic / whole

½ t Jansal Valley® Espelette Pepper Powder

1 sprig Spring Garlic / chiffonade



To prepare the spring garlic hollandaise use with a small pot to melt butter and whole spring garlic sprigs together over very low heat, about 5 minutes, allowing garlic to steep in butter, releasing flavor.

Meanwhile, in a blender, add egg yolks and lemon juice, combining quickly. With the blender running on med-high, slowly pour in the melted, garlic-infused butter.

The speed from the blender and heat from the melted butter will create a creamy and fluffy, fool-proof hollandaise. Finish the sauce with chiffonade spring garlic, espelette pepper, and salt to taste.

Assemble eggs benedict beginning with one half of the buttered, grilled English muffin. Next, layer half of the porchetta. Gently place one poached egg atop the porchetta and drizzle with half of the warm spring garlic hollandaise sauce, or to taste. Finish with baby watercress and serve the top of the English muffin on the side. Enjoy right away!

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