Ginger Spritzer Punch Bowl

Ginger Spritzer Punch Bowl.jpg

Liven up a crowd with this bright Ginger Spritzer Punch Bowl, perfect for holiday parties. We use fresh grapefruit juice and slices not only because it is seasonal, but mostly because its unique tart citrus flavor pairs well with a variety of liquors, perfect for tailoring this punch to your guests' preferences. Cheers!


Ginger Spritzer Punch Bowl



1 C Vodka / or alcohol of choice
2 C Ginger Beer or Ginger Ale
2 C Sparkling Water
1 Grapefruit / juiced
1 Grapefruit / sliced / as garnish
¼ C Fresh Cranberries / as garnish
Jansal Valley Sliced Crystalized Ginger / as garnish



In a pitcher or jug, combine the vodka, ginger beer, sparkling water, and grapefruit juice. Pour the spritzer into a large punch bowl with ice, and garnish with the sliced grapefruit and fresh cranberries. Place  a slice of crystallized ginger in the bottom of each serving glass, and allow guests to serve themselves with a ladle. 

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