Green Apple & Ginger Fizz


We've brightened up this classic gin cocktail with green apples, apple mint from the farm, and freshly grated ginger. Perfect for sipping through spring and into summer.


Green Apple & Ginger Fizz



½ C Jansal Valley® All Natural Dried Sliced Tart Apples

1 C Gin

½ C Green Apple Puree

½” pc Fresh Ginger / grated

¼ C Wainer Family Farm™ Apple Mint Leaves

2 Organic Granny Smith Apples / diced

2 C Ice

3 C Seltzer

Apple Mint Sprigs / for garnish



Soak dried apple sliced in gin for at least 48 hours to infuse the flavors. In a large pitcher, stir together green apple puree, grated ginger, apple mint, diced granny smith apples and apple infused gin. Add the ice and seltzer ad stir gently to combine. Pour into serving glasses, and garnish with a sprig of apple mint.

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