Kale Pesto

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We’ve added some pep to our pesto by subbing in one of our favorite superfoods, kale.
This re-imagined Italian classic packs bold flavor and nutritional benefits to boot!
We love this on pasta, chicken, crostini, and so much more.


Kale Pesto



1   C JANSAL VALLEY® Extra Virgin Olive Oil / divided
½ C Grated Romano Cheese
1   C Curly Kale / de-ribbed
½ C Pine Nuts / toasted
2      Cloves Fresh Garlic

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Place the garlic, nuts, and ¼ C of the olive oil in a food processor and puree well; about the consistency of chunky peanut butter. Add the kale, turn on the food processor, and slowly add the remaining oil until desired consistency is reached. Add the cheese and mix well. Enjoy!

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