Peruvian Black Mint & A Cocktail Recipe

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One of our most plentiful herbs growing at the Wainer Family Farm is Peruvian Black Mint. It is easily identifiable by its thin, dark leaves with pronounced ridges. The flavor is noticeably sharper than traditional mint with notes of basil, tarragon, mint, and lime.

In Peruvian cuisine, the mint is typically used as a condiment on soups and stews. It also complements herb marinades for poultry and seafood. Today, however, we are using it in a cocktail to showcase its effervescent qualities and herbaceous aroma.

Peruvian Mountain Mint and Fresh Citrus 1.JPEG

Peruvian Mint Daiquiri



2-3 sprigs Peruvian Mountain Mint / leaves picked
2 thin wedges Fresh Lemon
pinch Granulated Sugar
2 oz White Rum
Sparkling Water / as needed
Ice / as needed



In a Collins glass, muddle the mountain mint, lime, and sugar together until the leaves are mostly broken down. Add the rum and stir to combine. Top off the glass with ice and sparkling water, stir, and enjoy.

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