Saturn Peaches

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Stone fruit season is one of our favorite times out of the whole year. With peaches, plums, mangos, and cherries abound, you'll never run out of sweet, delicious ways to add fruit into your meals.

Today, we're highlighting one of the more unique varietals available: Saturn Peaches.

Also known as Donut Peaches, they are named for their round, squat shape, but we'd argue that their flavor is the shining star here. Due to what is called the "honey gene," a dominant gene in all Chinese peach varieties, they have a candy-like sweetness and creamy, juicy, melt-in-your-mouth texture. They are low in acidity as well, so they will differ from the sweet-tart flavor typical of yellow peaches. 

While they can be used in any recipe calling for peaches and can be poached, grilled, made into a compote, or added to baked goods, we like showing these off fresh and enjoying them right out of hand. For more elaborate preparations, pair their unique flavor with other stone fruit, vanilla, cinnamon, cream, custard, basil, cilantro, hazelnuts, pistachios, Parmigiano, burrata, pork belly, and grilled fish.

Happy snacking!

Donut_Saturn Peaches.jpg
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