Spicy Wasabi & Ginger Bloody Mary

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This weekend, we're looking forward to spicing things up with this Asian-inspired Bloody Mary for a twist on a brunch classic.

Here we've used one of our new favorite pantry staples, Togarashi. It is a traditional Japanese seven-flavor spice is made with two varieties of chilies for a balanced heat, crumbled nori, sesame seeds, and spices for zesty, spicy flavor. The dynamic combination of heat, sweet citrus, and earthy seaweed is celebrated for transforming any dish into the extraordinary. Other than Bloody Marys, we like to use it in noodle dishes, breadings for seafood, deviled eggs, popcorn, or meat rubs. Its unique flavor will bring an Asian flare to any preparation.



Spicy Wasabi & Ginger Bloody Mary



1 btl Jansal Valley® Bloody Mary Mix
2 T Sakurauchi Sa® Wasabi Oil
2 T Jansal Valley® Pickled Ginger, minced
1 T Prepared Grated Horseradish
½ T Jansal Valley® Shichimi Togarashi
8-12 oz Vodka of choice
Ice, as needed
Jansal Valley® Pickled Ginger, as garnish

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In a pitcher, stir together the ingredients with ice until well- mixed. Pour into serving glasses, and garnish with a slice of pickled ginger, a drizzle of wasabi oil, and a sprinkle of togarashi. Enjoy!

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