White Balsamic and Cranberry Kir Royale


You might be asking yourself, "what on earth is a Kir?". Trust us, it's not a typo. A Kir is a classic French wine cocktail that dates back to the mid twentieth century. The original recipe calls for white wine and crème de casis, which evolved into the Kir Royale, made with champagne. Our recipe is a holiday-themed take on the Kir Royale, which is as refreshing as it is stunning. Serve this as an aperitif at your next gathering this social season.


White Balsamic and Cranberry Kir Royale



½ oz Fondo Di Trebbiano® White Balsamic

5 oz Champagne / chilled

Frozen Cranberries / as garnish



Add white balsamic to a champagne flute or wine glass. Add cranberries, then top off the glass with Champagne and serve.