Chicken Sausage with Handpicked Sweet Basil Flatbread


We can't get enough of these quick and easy flatbreads. This time we're drizzling them with olive oil infused with twice roasted garlic for a slightly sweeter garlic flavor and incredible aroma.


Chicken Sausage with Handpicked Sweet Basil Flatbread



½ C Jansal Valley® Double Roasted Garlic Oil

2 Prepared Flatbreads

1 pkg Jansal Valley® Chicken Sausage with Handpicked Sweet Basil / diced

1 jar Jansal Valley® Roasted Red Tomatoes / drained

1 pkg Jansal Valley® Old World Burrata

Fresh Basil / chiffonade / as garnish

Crushed Red Pepper Flakes / as garnish



Preheat oven to 450° F.

Drizzle Flatbreads with garlic oil. Evenly distribute the tomatoes and sausage between the two flatbreads. Place in oven for about 8 minutes, then remove and sprinkle with torn burrata. Return to oven for an additional 2-3 minutes, just to melt and lightly brown the cheese.

Garnish with fresh basil and crushed red pepper. Slice and enjoy!

Who's Coming With Me? By Tyler the Cheese Guy

Cheese tower by Sid Wainer

Today, it’s all about the cheddar…and brie and gorgonzola, we don’t discriminate…because January 20th is National Cheese Lover’s Day. In honor of the event, we present our very own, Tyler the Cheese Guy, to discuss how to best gear your cheese board towards your guests, whether you are staying in with a few friends or headed out to an extravagant dinner party.

“The climate of the food world is diversifying faster than ever, and now, we are racing to keep up with the evolution of food trends and the best way possible to use the ingredients at hand.

Specialty cheese is one of the fastest growing food communities in the United States right now, but it can be a bit elusive and overwhelming with all of the shapes, sizes, styles, textures, smells, flavors, and labels staring out at you, waiting to be your pick of the bunch. More and more, cheese plates are becoming a staple on menus and in home kitchens for millions of Americans.

The first, and possibly most important, step for building the perfect cheese plate for any occasion is understanding your audience. Here are a few thoughts to consider about the partygoers before picking your cheeses and building your “palais du Fromage”. Ask yourself the following questions...

cheese board by Sid Wainer

How many people will be attending the event?

A cheeseboard for 10 guests should look different from one for 30. 

How much do they typically eat?

Is the family competitive eater, Uncle George, coming?

Are there any dietary restrictions, preferences, or aversions?

Are any of your guests pregnant, vegetarian, vegan, or allergic to nuts? Does Aunt Stella need her Epoisses and Stilton fix? Does Uncle Morty hate garlic?

Are a bunch of foodies coming over?

You should know which cheeses are local, organic, and made from animals that are allowed to roam free—possibly even gather notes on the terroir of its place of origin.

What dishes are others bringing?

Find out if an after-dinner cheese course will encroach on Aunt Helen’s famous fruit tart territory.

Last, but certainly not least, what are some of the group’s favorite cheeses?

When it comes to selecting your cheeses, it is a good idea to incorporate some of your personal preferences, which you feel comfortable reviewing with your guests.  Certainly, in some instances, there will be a partygoer that could care less about any of the factoids associated with a particular cheese. However, in my personal experience, there are usually a few folks that hang back, and accost you, seeking to gather an encyclopedic knowledge on the board at hand. 

Once you ask yourselves these questions and establish your audience, it’s time to go shopping, and sampling, of course. Who’s coming with me?”

cheese by Sid Wainer

The Perfect Artisanal Cheese and Meat Board

cheese board

"Serving an assortment of cheeses and cured meats is any smart host’s go-to party snacks.  It saves prep time while still allowing creativity with picking and pairing cheeses, meats and accompaniments.

A great cheese board offers a variety of unique flavors and experiences for your guests. The right selection of quality ingredients are essential in showcasing a contrast of rich flavors and textures. This time, I’m introducing the girls to an assortment of locally made artisanal cheeses and salami exclusively from Sid Wainer & Son®." - Chan Vu


Assembly Tips by Sweets by Chan

GOAL: To create a palette of contrasting flavors (i.e. sweet, earthy, pungent, buttery, sharp, nutty and mellow)

AMOUNT: How many guests do you have? A good rule of thumb is two ounces of cheese/meat for every person.

PICK YOUR CHEESES: Have a minimal of two to three varieties of artisanal cheeses. I will have 13 ladies at my party so three varieties of cheeses would be sufficient. I recommend contrasting textures and flavors so the cheeses truly stand out. Sid Wainer & Son Kilchurn Estates® has a great collection of hand-produced and farmhouse-aged Cheddar from the English countryside. For my first pick, I suggest a mild and creamy cheese like Mustard & Ale Cheddar Cheese. Next, pick an herb-infused mild cheese such as Sage Derby Cheese. This traditional Derby cheese has a creamy texture and smooth sage flavor that pairs great with cured meats. The third cheese should be a sharp cheese such as Krystal Pure Cave Aged Cheddar. This cheese was made using calcium crystals and cave-aged for over 15 months! How exquisite are these cheeses? They all taste phenomenal! Trust me. Your guests will be blown away.

See more tips by Chan on her blog, Sweets by Chan