Ultimate Egg Sandwich

The Ultimate Egg Sandwhich

Jansal Valley® ‘Nduja –an Italian salami spread – is a reinvented classic and quickly making its way on to every tastemakers short list. What’s it good for, you ask? The real question is, what isn't it good for? In this case, we're adding it to our favorite egg sandwich.

The Ultimate Egg Sandwich

The Ultimate Egg Sandwhich


4 Slices  Sourdough Bread

¼ Cup + 2 T Jansal Valley® Extra Virgin Olive Oil / divided

4 T Jansal Valley® ‘Nduja / or to taste

4 Eggs

Salt & Pepper / to taste

1 Cup Arugula

Optional: Avocado / Cheddar Cheese



Drizzle the 4 slices of bread with ¼ cup of olive oil on both sides. Grill or toast.

Spread 1 tablespoon of ‘Nduja on each slice.

Add the remaining olive oil to a non-stick pan and fry the eggs until whites are set, or to preference.

Season with salt and pepper.

Top each piece of toast with an egg and garnish with ¼ cup of arugula. Serve warm and enjoy!