The Perfect Artisanal Cheese and Meat Board

cheese board

"Serving an assortment of cheeses and cured meats is any smart host’s go-to party snacks.  It saves prep time while still allowing creativity with picking and pairing cheeses, meats and accompaniments.

A great cheese board offers a variety of unique flavors and experiences for your guests. The right selection of quality ingredients are essential in showcasing a contrast of rich flavors and textures. This time, I’m introducing the girls to an assortment of locally made artisanal cheeses and salami exclusively from Sid Wainer & Son®." - Chan Vu


Assembly Tips by Sweets by Chan

GOAL: To create a palette of contrasting flavors (i.e. sweet, earthy, pungent, buttery, sharp, nutty and mellow)

AMOUNT: How many guests do you have? A good rule of thumb is two ounces of cheese/meat for every person.

PICK YOUR CHEESES: Have a minimal of two to three varieties of artisanal cheeses. I will have 13 ladies at my party so three varieties of cheeses would be sufficient. I recommend contrasting textures and flavors so the cheeses truly stand out. Sid Wainer & Son Kilchurn Estates® has a great collection of hand-produced and farmhouse-aged Cheddar from the English countryside. For my first pick, I suggest a mild and creamy cheese like Mustard & Ale Cheddar Cheese. Next, pick an herb-infused mild cheese such as Sage Derby Cheese. This traditional Derby cheese has a creamy texture and smooth sage flavor that pairs great with cured meats. The third cheese should be a sharp cheese such as Krystal Pure Cave Aged Cheddar. This cheese was made using calcium crystals and cave-aged for over 15 months! How exquisite are these cheeses? They all taste phenomenal! Trust me. Your guests will be blown away.

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