Pickled Concord Grapes


A touch of sugar transforms pickling vinegars’ astringency for a unique sweet-tart result, perfect for serving with cheese, tossing over a salad, or snacking right from the jar. In this case, we pickled Concord Grapes and served them over warm brie. The result was a simple, yet decedent pairing that's perfect for entertaining right now; the succulent grapes and their juices easily play off of a haunted (but not overly-themed) October gathering... Boo!

Jansal Valley Pickled Grapes

Pickled Concord Grapes 


1 C White Vinegar 

1 C Jansal Valley® Tangerine Honey

½ C Brown Sugar 

1 C Granulated sugar

1 T Jansal Valley® Pickling Spice 

3 ea Jansal Valley® Cinnamon Sticks

½ C Jansal Valley® Crystalized Ginger 

½ t Jansal Valley® Habanero Salt 

1 lb Concord Grapes



In a sauce pot, mix vinegar, honey, sugars, pickling spice, cinnamon, ginger, and habanero salt. Place over high heatuntil mixture begins to boil, then remove from heat.

Place grapes in a tall vessel and pour liquid over grapes so the pickling liquid completely covers the grapes.

Let the pickled grapes come to room temperature and cover tightly with plastic wrap.Let sit overnight in the refrigerator. 

Serve as garnish on your seasonal cheese board or on top of warmed brie.