Tuscan Melon and Serrano Ham

Tuscan Melon And Serrano Ham

Hosting friends this weekend? Here's a simple appetizer recipe you'll want to master: this classic pairing of sweet and salty gets a flavor upgrade with our Fondo di Toscana® Lemon Oil. If you don't have this particular Lemon Oil on hand, simply use what's in your pantry. 

Tuscan Melon And Serrano Ham
Tuscan Melon And Serrano Ham

Tuscan Melon and Serrano Ham


1 Tuscan Melon  /  peeled and seeded 

Fondo di Toscana® Lemon Oil  /  to taste 

8 Slices of Serrano Ham

Jansal Valley® Heirloom Tomato Salt (or Sea Salt)  /  to taste 

½ Cup Créme Fraîche

½ Cup Micro Arugula or Dijon Greens



Slice Tuscan Melon into wedges and toss in Lemon Oil. Grill wedges over high heat until charred. Remove from grill and let cool. Wrap each wedge with a slice of the Serrano Ham.

Season micro greens with the Heirloom Tomato Salt.

Plate each melon wedge on a serving dish and top with Créme Fraîche.

Finish with micro greens and a drizzle of Lemon Oil.