Persimmon Sour


Persimmons are a unique, somewhat mysterious fruit to many. They come into season mid-fall and last through mid-winter, typically October-December each year. They look similar to a tomato, but taste like a papaya, have a stiff texture, and a die-hard cult following. Here we've utilized the tasty fruit in a classic cocktail that even the pickiest eaters can't help but try.


Persimmon Sour



1½ parts Bourbon

1 part Persimmon Puree / recipe to follow

1 part fresh Sour Mix

Sparking Water / to top

Edible Marigolds / as garnish


for the Persimmon Puree:

3-4 large Persimmons / stems removed / quartered

¼ C Sugar

Water / as needed



For the Persimmon Puree:

In a blender, combine persimmons and sugar, adding water to thin to desired consistency.


For the Persimmon Sour:

Shake the bourbon, persimmon, and sour mix in a shaker filled with ice, then pour over ice and top with sparkling water. Stir, then garnish with edible marigolds.