Watermelon-White Balsamic Sangria


Warmer weather has us looking forward to a cool, refreshing sangria at the end of a long work week. This recipe features our Fondo di Trebbiano® White Balsamic Glaze, which is a reduction of white balsamic vinegar and and white trebbiano grape must. This exquisite product is made using local Italian ingredients and bottled at the source, then imported exclusively for Sid Wainer & Son.

In this cocktail, the vinegar helps add brightness without making the cocktail too sweet overall, allowing the fresh watermelon to truly shine.



Watermelon-White Balsamic Sangria



1 ea Large Seedless Watermelon / skin removed / diced

½ C Fondo di Trebbiano® White Balsamic Glaze

3 ea Fresh Limes / juiced & zested

1 btl Sparkling Rosé

1 ea Lime / for garnish / cut into wedges



In a blender, combine watermelon, balsamic glaze, lime juice and zest, and blend until smooth and no watermelon pieces remain. Strain through a fine mesh strainer and put into a large pitcher. Upon serving, add the bottle of rosé, ice, and lime wedges.

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